I share the same illness that all of our type suffer from, and the initial symptoms were weird drawings and short poems, which I started etching on papers when I was in my 4th-5th standard in school. These were followed by short stories. And then, all of it stopped by the time of my school finals. But the disease had only sunken deeper into my flesh and mind, and started spreading throughout my existence, like cancer.

In 2001, I came to know about the animation training programme in Hyderabad. I had found the best medium to tell my stories. And, I have been doing that ever since.

Trained in traditional 2D animation film making, and addicted to movies from an early age , I am still experimenting with forms of storytelling – structurally, visually, phonetically and as well as grammatically, as per my understanding of this medium of art, for the new breed of mobile audience.

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